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Guest Bloggers Wanted

Do you have what it takes to be a good travel blogger?  Let’s find out!


  • You should have a blog and travel often!  You can be a storyteller or give tips, but you have to be interesting and engaging with the ability to write well.
  • The blogs that you write for Start Here.Travel will need to be original content not used on other sites or your own blog.  We will check this with CopyScape.
  • You can only use images or video that belong to you because you have taken it yourself.  We can supply stock photos as needed.
  • You should be prepared to leave the blogs in place for a period of two years.  You still own the content, but it can not be removed from our site until it drops value.


We own a social media company, so we know that you are looking for high-level response and links.   Yes, link love and promotion is our goal.  We want people to see what you write!

Your blog contribution will be:

  • Blasted across our FB, TW, IG, PIN, and G+ to thousands of people.
  • Boosted on Facebook to maximize your exposure.
  • Sponsored on Twitter to increase your following.
  • Added to our Flipboard magazine to expand your fan base.
  • Inclusive of a profile with a bio and links to your blog.
  • Qualified for the featured spot in the header of our blog.
  • Supplied with Guest Blogger Badge for your blog after successfully publishing three blogs with us.

BONUS:  We will continuously be running advertising campaigns on FB, TW, IG, and PIN to increase our followings and your readership.

You are one short form away from starting your journey as a guest blogger!

Start Here now…



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