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Insider’s Guide: Planning an Overseas Trip

Planning for a trip can be quite overwhelming and time-consuming. I remember planning my first trip. I had no idea what I was up to especially considering the fact it was an overseas travel.

So, here are some of my favorite travel tips on how to plan a vacation, when to book hotels, tours, flights, and selecting the best attractions. This simple guide will contain information to enable you to create priceless memories in a stress-free manner when traveling alone or planning a family vacation.

Choosing Your Destination

Choosing a travel destination that matches your travel budget and interest is really the first step in planning a trip. Are you planning a domestic trip or overseas travel? The whole aim of traveling is to relax and have a good time. The amount of time of time you have for your vacation should be considered when picking a destination. If you have up to a week, you can look at taking an overseas trip. Travelling with a spouse or family members? Take out time to ask them for their interests and ideas—so everyone gets to experience something they love. Do you like beaches or mountains, adventure or relaxation, road trips or resorts, shopping, food experience, cities or countryside’s, summer or winter should all be considered!

STRESSED YET….no need…keep reading!

Booking Flights for Your Trip

After choosing your destination, the next step would be to book a flight. A great way to reduce travel expenses is learning how to find cheap flights with the aim being able to find a compromise between comfort, facilities, and an affordable price. There are lots of booking sites online that help with finding cheap flights.  One of my favorites is Skyscanner.  It compares millions of flights from over a thousand airlines. Other incredible flight search engines include Google Flights, Hipmunk, kayak, Momondo. After using any of the above flight engines you can visit the airlines’ website directly and compare for the lowest rates.

Selecting the Best Accommodation for Your Trip

When traveling on a vacation with family, a spouse, or solo, finding the right accommodation is not only about finding the cheapest, but getting the best value for money. Which means it has to be comfortable right? if you are planning a trip that is longer than just a weekend getaway, then you should consider renting an apartment or condo.  Apartments and condos offer quite a lot of benefits including separate bedrooms from the living room, access to a kitchen, and a laundry.  If you need to, it’s easier to split the bills amongst family or friends to make it cheaper.

Finding the Right Transportation

Are there taxis or Ubers? Is there a train or a bus service? Maybe you can simply take a hike around the city touring most of its centers? Researching the transport options available for your destination will save you lots of stress when you get there. It is quite mandatory to book a rental car or pre-purchase transportation passes online if its available for the destination of travel. For example, a city like Sydney makes its compulsory to have an Opal Card before getting on public transportation. Pre-purchase will save you time and money.

Automate Your Bills

This might seem off track, but it will save you on those overdue fees while you travel.  Set up online bill payments! Get rid of your mail and go paperless to ensure you won’t miss out on any information while overseas.  If you are still going to need paper mail, then subscribe to the services of a company like Earth class mail that receives your mail on your behalf and scans them to you.  If you are going on a short trip for about 2 weeks, then you may not really need to worry about this at all.

Prepare for Your Pets

Many people leave their pets until the very last thing.  There is no way that you can have a good time if you are worried about your pets.  Find a good boarding service that you trust and make your reservations early to avoid mishaps.  This way you know that your best friend is taken care of even when you are not there.

Buy Travel Insurance

A lot of people think travel insurance is only necessary when health issues are involved, but that is far from the truth. Travel insurance covers a lot more than just medical protection, like when your flight is canceled, your phone is stolen, or your property is damaged. Travel insurance is quite necessary because you can never quite tell what will happen on the road as most health plans won’t cover you overseas. Who would have thought you could pop your eardrum while scuba diving in Italy (yes, happened to a friend!) or your son might break his leg while hiking.  A dear friend never expected her father would die when on a trip and she would have to cancel her vacation and fly back home. All these instances are examples of what can be fully covered by travel insurance.

Finally, Relax and Enjoy Your Trip

Go on your trip and have a great time! Head to the airport, but don’t forget your ID and passport before you board the plane and enjoy the fruits of your labor. No matter how long you’ll be gone, its recommended you let your credit card company know the duration of time you’ll be spending overseas.  Your card will less likely be blocked and your transactions wouldn’t be marked as fraudulent.

Now…go enjoy your trip!

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