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Celebrating the Winter Holidays in Florida

Don’t feel sorry for Floridians this Christmas. When you’re snowed in and wondering how you can escape your relatives after days of forced happiness, we’ll be thinking of you while we pack a picnic for the beach.

You think being up north is the best for the holidays? Ha! Think again. On behalf of all Floridians, let me tell you why it’s better down here during the holiday season.

  1. We don’t need to bundle up in endless layers before going outside. Even when it gets “cold” here, Floridians put on a hoodie and handle it. There’s no need for earmuffs, gloves, long underwear, or other extensive layers of clothing.
  2. We can celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas on the beach. Beaches up north are too cold, but down here in the fall and winter, the beaches are just right. The sun is warming and nice with a cold ocean breeze like air conditioning outside. Perfect for a picnic!
  3. We have the theme parks. There’s no snow and ice on the rides at Disney or Universal Studios. They’re open all year long.
  4. We can show up for holiday dinners in flip-flops. It’s just standard procedure in Florida to wear flip flops with just about every ensemble, even when the weather is colder.
  5. Your vacation is our home. We don’t need to travel anywhere for a sublime tropical vacation. We live it every day.
  6. There’s no shoveling necessary. We’ll be waiting for you down here with a cooler full of cold beer on the beach with our toes snuggly tucked into the sand.
  7. The Christmas lights displays are over the top. One of the best memories of anyone growing up in Florida is driving around with their parents and seeing all the Christmas lights up. Because there’s no snow, it’s a lot easier to cover the roof, the lawn, the palm trees, and our boats in full-on lights and animatronic Santas.
  8. You can be IN Christmas ON Christmas. Just outside of Orlando, there’s a town called Christmas. So why not pack your bags, flee the snow, and come get some sunshine in Florida? It’s a quaint little place that won’t take you much time to see but it’s close to all of the Orlando action.

We have our own with white sands and sparkling blue waters off every coast. When we want snow, we go to an event with a snow machine, so we can let our kids make snow angels, throw snowballs, and build snowmen just long enough before they begin to complain about the cold wetness. Then, we pack them in the car and head back to the beach to enjoy the sunshine again.

You can’t beat us, so please come join us down in Florida this winter!

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