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New York City: 8 Places You Must Not Miss

New York City is among the most crowded places across the United States. New York City covers a huge landmass of almost 305 square miles all teaming with people trying to get somewhere quickly. With a huge population of almost 8.2M residents in that small 305-mile square radius, it would seem like getting around New York might be a challenge, but the subway system, taxis, and buses are always at hand.

Here are eight places to add to your bucket list to really make your trip to New York City complete:

  1. Empire State Building – Stretching to almost 381 meters height, this is the tallest structure you will find in the New York City. The Empire State Building was being victimized by the terrorists on Sep 11, 2001. After some time, it was able to regain its glory & became the tallest structure in the city. This building is a home to almost 1000 offices that has 21,000 individuals working under a single roof. The Empire State Building has been featured in a number of Hollywood blockbusters where it was shown from the top to the bottom.
  2. Statue of Liberty – No travel to the New York City is done without visiting the famous “Statue of Liberty”. Not only is it among the most astonishing statues in the world, but it is also an amazing icon of the NYC. The Statue of Liberty was gifted by the French to the American citizens. It was built in France & then transported here, once it was built. The statue which is 46 meters high was made open to the public in Nov 1886.
  3. Central Park – The Central Park in the New York City is a great place to visit if you wish to get closer to the Mother Nature & want some time off from the hectic day to day life. The central park consists of different lakes with a variety of sporting facilities. The park also surrounds a few of the historic structures of the New York City such as the Metropolitan Museum. Besides, this park also features strawberry fields that were created in the memories of John Lennon.
  4. Ellis Island – Situated just beside the Statue of Liberty, the Ellis Island was the point of entrance of a few new Americans in 1892. Almost twelve million migrants entered the American premises in this time period via the immigration station. Presently, this place receives millions of visits every single month.
  5. Times Square – The intersection of the Seventh Avenue & the Broadway is the primary reason which makes New York City a wonderland. You cannot escape from the urban air which flows across Madame Tussauds, the Bull Street, The Ride, and AMC Movie Theater, etc. Each sight; every smell and each sound found at the Times Square is likely to be a feast for your soul and senses.
  6. The 9/11 Memorial and Museum – The monument is situated at the site of the World Trade Center, the previous place of the Twin Towers that suffered a destruction on Sep 11 terrorist attacks. The museum is run by a nonprofit organization lead by Joe Daniels. This is among the must-see places in the New York City
  7. Brooklyn Bridge – The Brooklyn Bridge links Brooklyn to Manhattan. It was designated a national historic landmark during the year 1964 is among the most renowned bridges in the United States and also among the popular tourist attractions in the New York. Possibly, the most noticeable features of this bridge are the big towers which link a network of cables. The superb Gothic arches stretch all over the heavy flow of traffic. With the thrilling views of the river, the strong construction of the Bridge, and the downtown Manhattan, you won’t want to miss out on this delightful opportunity.
  8. Guggenheim Museum – Among the 20th century’s most significant architectural landmarks, this iconic gallery was a design of Frank Lloyd Wright. It was built in the year 1959. Wright had to spend fifteen years designing this building & abandoned 700 sketches with 6 sets of working drawings during the whole process. In short, this is a stunning piece of art which is a must visit place in the New York City.

New York City has something on offering to each visitor who travels to this exciting place in the United States. You can also try out a virtual helicopter trip for enjoying the amazing view of the New York skyline. The New York City offers a number of activities to the tourists keeping then engaged all the time.

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