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Seven Must See Attractions In India

Travel to India and you are sure to enjoy a trip of a lifetime. With more than 1 Billion people divided into 2000 ethnic groups & 200 distinct languages, India is also the 7th largest country in the world. The country has a virtually endless diversity of cultures, memorials places and landscapes to explore.

Below are some of the most popular tourist attractions in India:

  • Agra (The Taj City) – Located on the banks of River Yamuna, the city is only 200kms away from country’s capital Delhi. In addition to the wonderful Taj Mahal, you can easily find several other tourist destinations worth visiting, for instance, Itmad Ud Daulah’s Tomb, Agra Fort, Jama Masjid & Fatehpur Sikri. In the city, you could even enjoy roadside shopping for different stone products, jewelry, etc. Agra is blessed with spectacular monuments, great historical significance & multiple tourist destinations.
  • Ladakh (Also known as “The Moon Land”) – Ladakh is located in the Himalayan mountain ranges and is well-known for beautiful glaciers, winter snowfall, and the remote mountain beauty. However, the thing which makes this tourist destination truly exciting is it requires additional effort on your part to reach there. To actually experience the real essence of this place, arrange a road travel by jeep, bike, car or even a bus. And when you reach Ladakh, ensure you travel to places like the Leh Palace, Nubra Valley, and the Tso Mori Lake.
  • Amritsar – Amritsar is most prominent in the Golden temple. This temple is one of the most religious locations in the country. The construction of the Golden Temple was originally started by Guru Ramdas Ji during the sixteenth century & finished during the nineteenth century. The outstanding temple is crowded by thousands of visitors throughout the year. Some additional destinations which have helped the city become popular worldwide include Akal Takht, Tarn Taran Sahib, Durgiana Temple and Goindwal Sahib.
  • Khajuraho Temples – The Khajuraho temples in India are well known for their erotic carvings onto the external walls. On the other hand, the interiors seem to be the exact opposite. They are calm, serene and a well-carved piece of art. Constructed during the rule of Chandela Empire, Khajuraho temples are fondly visited more because of their artistic brilliance and less because of the religious feeling.
  • Ajanta Caves – Situated just over 100km north of the Aurangabad city, the Ajanta and Ellora Caves are included in the list of World Heritage Sites of UNESCO. In spite being a series of caves, every cave wasn’t excavated at the same time. Altogether, there were thirty excavations made. Most experts believe Ajanta to be the birthplace of the art culture in India. The walls paintings found on these remarkable caves mainly depict the lifestyle of Buddha.
  • Thanjavur or Tanjore – The Cholas constructed in excess of seventy temples in Thanjavur. However, the Brihadeswara Temple (also recognized as “Big Temple”) in the one which truly stands out from the rest. Built exclusively out of stone, the dome of this Temple rises to more than sixty meters. The other top destinations at Thanjavur include a poorly conserved Royal Palace which features a painted ceiling of the Durbar Hall of the Fort. Thanjavur city is also well known for its spectacular Tanjore portraits, decorated with gold.
  • The Backwaters of Kerala – The backwaters of Kerala are a chain of lakes & lagoons which lye parallel to the Arabian Sea shore in this state. The backwaters of Kerala are home to a number of unique species of marine life which includes frigs, mudskippers, crabs, water birds as well as animals like turtles & otters. Presently, houseboat travel is the amongst the popular tourist activities in the backwaters of Kerala, with a number of large Kettuvallams (old-style rice boats, currently transformed into floating lodgings) ply the watercourses. Tourists from all parts of the globe visit this land of nature for exploring its untouched pristine beaches, natural bounty, big temples & several other attractions.

Traveling to India is a once in a lifetime experience of new cultures, people, places, and food. Starting from the ancient ruins, intriguing religious constructions, diverse landscape, and exotic cities, you can find a never-ending collection of travel destinations in India which will never stop fascinating the traveler.

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